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The Secure Paperless Faxing Solution

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Team Fax is a Cloud Based system allowing you to send and receive faxes to and from multiple fax lines in a completely paperless way.

With Team Fax you also do not have to worry about a fax line being too busy, multiple faxes can come in or go out simultaneously, even if you only own one fax number making worries about outsiders getting busy signals, or fax machines running out of paper a thing of the past!

Easily View, Download, and even Forward Faxes on to other destinations without the need to print, re-scan, or re-upload them saving time and hassle and improving overall productivity immensely.

Team Fax automatically logs all Faxes Incoming and Outgoing in its History Log, making it easy to search and retrieve Fax Logs, and Confirmations of Delivery if the need arrises, we also offer up to 6 years of Fax Log retention to meet HIPAA and other Compliance requirements when required, and the log is protected from alteration by any user.

Team Fax also offers a Secure File Transfer feature which allows to to send documents securely without needing to use a fax number, you can send the recipient a Link in an E-Mail, and when they click the link it will ask them for the password for the document in order to allow downloading it, you must provide the password to the recipient seperately via phone or other means of your choice.
Team Fax will then authorize the download one time, Log the IP Address and Time of the download into the History Log and then lock the file from further downloads. If a re-download is required, the sender can click the resend button to allow the file to be downloaded one more time.
NOTE: File download passwords also automatically Expire after 1 hour, or at the expiration time set by the sender for security reasons.

Easily assign varying access permissions per user, and also assign specific Fax Numbers to Specific users as well. Incredibly useful for Managed Service Providers and Resellers with many Customers and Branding options are available, contact support for more details...

Does NOT require any special software, installing agents, plugins, addons, or changes to your computers, as long as they are on supported Browsers and Operating Systems!

Team Fax Platform

Modes of Operation
ModeIncoming FaxOutgoing FaxFax Number
Hybrid for 3CXGoes to 3CXFrom TeamFaxSame, Number is shared by both
StandaloneGoes to TeamFaxFrom TeamFaxCan be in same trunk account 3CX Uses, or seperate, works both ways.

Now Available Hosted in your Choice of these Locations:
NOTE: Mirrors in Red are available for Provisioning Immediately within 12-24 hours. (Typically sooner)

Last Updated: 05-02-2022
Team Fax
The Secure Paperless Faxing Solution
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